A new "first" - Illustrating a children's book!
This project came with all kinds of learning curves. With sketches upon sketches, I established the art style, world and characters; composing full page illustrations, spot illustrations, and cover. Afterwards, I think I walked away with about 3 hairs left on my head (view my now hair cut on my Contact page). Ok just kidding! I really did get my hair cut, though lol. 
Working with Kids Can Press and the awesome authors, Brian and Sally Dutra, was such a pleasure and a wonderful opportunity. Not only did I get to grow my skills, but I also entered into a new field! Cool, right?! I think so! 
All that to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and hope to have many more. 
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​​​​​​​FRANKIE D, VEGAN VAMPIRE - Kids Can Press
Written by Brian Dutra
Written by Sally Dutra
Illustrated by Tiffani Brown
Series: Frankie D
A new early chapter book series starring a lovable vampire who’s just trying to fit in.

Frankie D and his family have just moved from Transylvania, looking for a fresh start. Where Frankie is from, the school day began at midnight and ended at dawn. Now in America, Frankie and his family must adjust their sleep schedule, train to be out in the sun, and strictly adhere to a vegan, zero-blood diet. Not only that, Frankie has to navigate school as the “new kid” and keep his vampire identity secret from other humans. A tall order for a deathly pale, fanged fourth-grader with a three-legged wolf as a pet!

Brian and Sally Dutra’s entertaining series – currently being developed for TV – offers a whole new take on what it means to be an outsider. With so many playful twists on vampire tropes, a compelling plot (with a cliffhanger ending!) and loads of deadpan humor, this book is sure to have enormous appeal for early readers. Tiffani Brown’s black-and-white illustrations on every spread bring just the right amount of vampire creepiness to the story, tempered by just the right amount of humor. Frankie’s open nature and kindness toward others is endearing, and his difficulties trying to navigate a new life while still being true to himself will be relatable to all children. The story highlights important themes of friendship, family, dealing with bullies and adjusting to a new place. It also offers terrific character education lessons on adaptability, initiative and empathy.
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